Adeel Chowdhry Explains The State of Internet Marketing in 2016

Adeel Chowdhry Explains The Future of Internet Marketing

The internet marketing realm is vast and complex. At the same time, it is welcoming to anyone who is open to new ideas and can stay abreast with modern trends. Every year we see new entrants into the market from new softwares, to new companies, new inventions and new customer preferences, which are either embraced by the business world, or totally ignored. The companies which quickly adapt to new technological trends find themselves ahead of their competition, and make a solid mark in the market as industry leaders.Continue reading

How to Use Amazon to find the best Interests For your Facebook Ads

How to Use Amazon to Find the Best Interests for Your Facebook Ads

I’m going to show you how to use Amazon to find the most passionate people in your niche.

These people are probably already buying products and services in your niche, so you can target them with your Facebook ads.Continue reading

amazon fba

Ultimate Guide to Making Money as a Reseller through eBay & Amazon FBA

With internet marketing between 2014-2015, some internet marketers recommended starting off with Kindle publishing.

This was because it was seen as a way to become involved with making money online that didn’t require deep pockets to get started.

If you lack the money to outsource the writing of a Kindle book, no problem. Just write the Kindle e-book yourself.Continue reading

kindle ebooks

Do you want to earn $30,000 a month with Kindle e-books?

With online marketing, we’re always looking for the holy grail. The one great idea that can catapult us to great success, crazy riches, the Kim Kardashian or Puff Daddy celebrity lifestyle, and more.

Tim Ferriss’ book, The Four Hour Workweek, became the bible for digital nomads around the world who wanted to free themselves from the cubicle and live a location independent lifestyle (or just one with more options).Continue reading

the art of failing

He did it on the 17th attempt


This biggest for me this year so far has come from watching this skater attempt to jump from one skateboard to another (video embedded).

The guy in this video keeps failing horribly, in fact, 17 times! The pain is visible on his face, but the sheer determination is something to marvel at.

8.9 million views and counting.

Ask yourself – would this video be as interesting if he only showed you the one clip of him finally nailing the trick?

Not only is failure usable content, but it strengthens your story, makes you more relatable and makes people like you more.

But it ONLY works if persist until success. Because once you nail it, it’s a narrative of triumph and tenacity. Before/after via demonstration.

So, what is the point you are making here Azzam?

You have got to stop making excuses, step up you game! 

Excuse: I just don’t have time, especially with kids, work, personal and social needs:
Answer: Why don’t you wake up at 5 AM, there is even a Facebook group dedicated to 5 AM wakers!

Excuse: If I only had more money:
Answer: Seriously!  Look at all the crap around your house and start selling it off.  Why not get a job working as a delivery driver, get that cash ready to invest in your business.

Excuse: I am stuck, just don’t know where to start:
Answer:  Plenty of coaches out there that can train you up.  Why not take an online course on finding a niche?

Excuse: I don’t think I have what it takes to do it:
Answer: Of course you do! You just need to get your hustle.  I know people in remote parts of 3rd world countries doing amazinng things.

Look! You are amazing, just belive in yourself.  I believe in you.

The world needs people to step up their game and make changes happen.

Stop making and excuse and get your hustle on, make some waves.

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