Adeel Chowdhry Explains The State of Internet Marketing in 2016

Adeel Chowdhry Explains The Future of Internet Marketing

The internet marketing realm is vast and complex. At the same time, it is welcoming to anyone who is open to new ideas and can stay abreast with modern trends. Every year we see new entrants into the market from new softwares, to new companies, new inventions and new customer preferences, which are either embraced by the business world, or totally ignored. The companies which quickly adapt to new technological trends find themselves ahead of their competition, and make a solid mark in the market as industry leaders.

Adeel Chowdhry of Income Society is a successful entrepreneur and digital consultant with over ten years of internet marketing experience. Given his vast experience on internet marketing, we spoke to Adeel on his take on the state of Internet marketing in 2016 and here is what he says:

2016 will see the following online marketing trends,

A new trend in marketing- Video ads

Video ads are not a new invention. Several social channels such as YouTube already host millions of videos, in addition to advertising channels such as Facebook who already offer video ads to their customers. However, this is all set to change in 2016 since Google has adopted in-SERP video advertisement.

This points out to the change in user preferences- users have grown to accept video ads, and this trend seems to be increasing by the day. Again, because YouTube is now under Google’s ownership, we expect to see an explosion in this trend.

An upward trend in the adoption of apps

Google has already been offering app indexing for the past few years, however, the increasing complexity of app ranking shall make organizations realize the due importance of having a dedicated app which shall bolster their online visibility.

Although mobile-optimized sites can enhance mobile marketing, it can’t be compared to a mobile app. Mobile apps perform the same functions as a website, but in a better, interactive, and convenient fashion. It will take several years from now for mobile apps to completely replace websites, but we predict that this change will begin manifesting itself increasingly from the year 2016.

Dominance of mobile over desktop

2015 was a remarkable year for mobiles. Google made an announcement earlier stating that mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic in more than ten countries, in addition to announcing their new Mobilegeddon algorithm which is meant to wipe out non-mobile optimized sites. Nonetheless, you’re not required to have both a desktop optimized site plus a mobile version at the same time, just having a mobile- optimized site without a desktop version will also work.

This does not mean that desktop traffic will be shown an instant exit, however, this trends enables us to learn Google’s preference and where they expect larger chunk of online marketing revenues to be- mobile-only internet marketing.

Digital assistants will be more sought after than ever

Pay per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the most handy result driven strategies that can be employed to get more people to visit your site. However, the steady usage of digital assistants will give rise to a new kind of phenomenon.  It is a well-known fact that digital assistants like Siri only employ the help of search engines, when they require information. In order to optimize your site, you should ensure that your site’s information can be accessed by digital assistants like Siri instead of using humans to perform the optimization work.

Wearable technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) will become mainstream

Although not as fast as the rise of virtual reality, we expect wearable technology to pick up pace in 2016. In 2015, we witnessed the unveiling of the Apple watch, a smart watch with countless functionalities, in 2016, we expect the emergence of more wearable products which on turn will pave the path for a transformed online marketing experience.

The rise of Virtual reality

Hundreds of virtual reality products are in line to be released in the coming years with some to cater for specific apps and others for general usage. The most awaited virtual reality product Oculus Rift has already been released in early 2016. Oculus Rift in addition to other VR products is all set to change the face of internet marketing in 2016, due to the possible incorporation with social media channels, which may even allow or direct calls and messaging features.

The above list mentions just a few of the expected trends that are expected to unfold in 2016. It is not known when exactly these trends will manifest themselves over the course of the year, but it pays to know and be ready to adopt these trends in order to stay on top of your competitors in the world of internet marketing.

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