How Ordinary Content Achieves Amazing Results in Google – The Power of Link Building

The basis of The SEO That Works course is to build content which attracts links from other sites. Although the basic premise is to build content that is amazing and worthy of links, sometimes known as link bait, it is not necessary to have an awesome piece of content in order to achieve links and ultimately gain phenomenal success in ranking for multiple keywords. Here is an example of an Amazon affiliate website ranking for multiple keywords.

For example, take the article piece ranking for the keyword ‘make money online’.

24 Easy Ways To Make Money On The Internet

This keyword attracts approximately 49,500 searches per month. The number 1 article ranking in Google US is titled 24 Easy Ways To Make Money On The Internet.

Personally, this page is an insult to all the great content that is available out there teaching you step-by-step exactly what you have to do to make money online. This article has achieved ranking for 956 keywords competing for 265,080 searches a month.

Take a look at the keywords it is ranking for:


956 Keywords Ranking

Firstly, why do I think this article is awful?

Sure, the title is worthy of a second glance. Typically, any title that grabs the attention of the reader by specifying what’s in store for them will get attention. for instance The Exact Monetization Strategies These 12 Bloggers Use to Make $124,074 Per Month

However, we’re not reviewing this article to understand why it captures attention; we want to understand why it ranks so frigging well.

The content has no substance whatsoever. Point number 3 on the list talks about using Google Adsense to generate revenue from clicks.

Anyone who has an iota of experience with Google Adsense knows that it is not a simple case of joining Google Adsense and expecting to generate revenue.

Forums are littered with questions from website owners who get 100,000s of visitors, yet only generate a few dollars in revenue from Google Adsense.

The list goes from bad to worse.

There are no technical explanations on how one can apply these methods and no links to extra resources. The article is so vague and boring that I switched off in seconds, forcing myself to read it all just for the sake of this post.

The piece ranks for such hugely competitive keywords and is opportune to targeting 265,000 searches.

Let’s take a look at its link profile.

According to MajesticSEO, there are 107 referring domains linking back to this web page.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

I wouldn’t say that the TrustFlow to the site is something to get excited over.

In fact, the backlink profile shows just five links with a TrustFlow of about 10. Most of the rest are 0, but nonetheless, the page has captured 107 referring domains. This is a substantial number for any web page to be considered a Power Page.

But what about the other web pages which ank for this keyword?

Make Money Online Top 10 web pages

‘Make Money Online’ Top 10 Web Pages

  1. – 148 referring domains
  2. – 16 referring domains
  3. – 107 referring domains
  4. – 411 referring domains
  5. – 333 referring domains
  6. – 72 referring domains
  7. – 90 referring domains
  8. – 19 referring domains
  9. – 50 referring domains

Clearly, there are some big players in this list. Entrepreneur has the largest number of referring domains at 333, while MySurvey has the least with just 16.

We can obviously conclude that these sites did well because of the link profiles, but I bet if we kept on going, we would find other sites which achieved as good a link profile as these.

Next, I examined the link profile for the domains – the power and weight of the domain certainly have an impact.

URLBacklinksReferring DomainsTrust Flow

Jeepers Creepers. Those are some impressive numbers. I think it’s fair to say that the power and weight of these websites have contributed to the ranking of the web pages.

However, all is not lost for a web page attempting to outrank these sites. More often than not, YouTube doesn’t appear in Google search for such competitive keywords; many a site has knocked YouTube out of the serps.

Furthermore, these pages are not Evergreen, especially the one from LifeHack. I’m convinced an article that is a true SkyScraper piece and captures an abundance of links will take that spot.

I am calling out a fellow member of The SEO That Works course – Mike Wallagher.  Mike runs the site


Start Blogging Online


When you look at all the other sites that assist those attempting to start blogging online –,, – Mike’s website content seems standard to what others have created.

Sure, there is support available, and he’s helped 8,500 blogs get started, but you expect to see ridiculously outstanding content pieces ranking for that position.

Start Blogging Online has done well to achieve 17,170 backlinks from 822 referring domains. The TrustFlow for the link profile are as high as 43, and I count plenty that are providing above 10+ and 20 TF+.

Here’s how the competing pages rank:

URLBacklinksReferring DomainsTrust Flow 7,96327930,16561932,46210924,8621,07730,47519241,1287,52444

The site with the fewest referrers to the web page is, yet the site still has 801 referring domains.

However, looking at the link profile, I notice there are a lot of links from comments, general mentions and similar inferior methods to that of a full-on link outreach, which was the old SEO.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong, but a designated link outreach campaign would capture links from within the content, and is considered the new way of doing SEO.

Take the keyword, ‘how to download youtube videos’, which has 74,000 searches a month.

One of the sites ranking for the term is



This page has 13 backlinks from 8 referring domains. The site itself,, has 5,105 backlinks from 353 domains.

However, the link profile is all over the place, which isn’t unexpected for a site which focuses on downloading videos from popular websites.

A lot of websites refer to these types of sites with little or no targeted link outreach.

I don’t want to stray from the topic; there are many sites that rank with a poor link profile.

I wanted to explore the impact of effective link building by having (just) awesome content.

Having awesome content will no doubt influence whether other sites want to link back to you. In the case of Lifehack, I believe its brand positioning prevailed, and websites feel comfortable linking to it.

Furthermore, there has been 22k shares made across social media, while the site has a lot of people subscribed to it as well.

There is evidence that social signals do not have a direct impact on search.

However, the social sharing and the subscribers list will no doubt reach webmasters, bloggers and site owners. They will be exposed to the content (pull marketing), and consequently link back instead of having to reach out.

About the Author Azzam

As a Digital Marketeer and Entrepreneur, I have been fortunate to have learnt from some of the best of the best. That is what I believe is critical to ensuring anyone’s success. Take what has worked for successful people and make owning it, knowledge first and then applying what you learn by taking action. Persevering on that path will bring about sure success, simple but effective formula.