Google’s Rank Brain Algorithm Explained [Infographic]

Isn’t it odd that every year we hear “SEO and blogging” are dead (typically on blogs from businesses selling alternative traffic sources…) and yet it is still considered to be one of the most effective ways to drive engaged traffic to your website?

Hello, everyone, my name is Tyler Sass from Logic Based Marketing and I went on a mission to figure out what is really going on under the hood with Google and I discovered something amazing, Google’s new RainBrain AI.

RankBrain is a dream come true for content marketers who are committed to making amazing detailed content. In fact, rather than SEO and blogging being dead it is one of the best times ever for content marketing and it’s all thanks to RankBrain.

I documented the nitty-gritty details of RankBrain Here and created this infographic that sums it up very nicely for the lovely audience of Unleash The Wealth Within’s viewing pleasure.

The secret I discovered in compiling this information and stripping out the techie talk is one thing that
will make every content marketer smile.

SEO isn’t dead… but tricks for gaming the system ARE dying off and instead they are being replaced by a system that will help get the BEST content to the FRONT of Google and with this infographic that content can be YOUR CONTENT.

RankBrain The Non Techie Guide For Content Marketers Infographic


About the Author Azzam

As a Digital Marketeer and Entrepreneur, I have been fortunate to have learnt from some of the best of the best. That is what I believe is critical to ensuring anyone’s success. Take what has worked for successful people and make owning it, knowledge first and then applying what you learn by taking action. Persevering on that path will bring about sure success, simple but effective formula.