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Google’s Rank Brain Algorithm Explained [Infographic]

Isn’t it odd that every year we hear “SEO and blogging” are dead (typically on blogs from businesses selling alternative traffic sources…) and yet it is still considered to be one of the most effective ways to drive engaged traffic to your website?

Hello, everyone, my name is Tyler Sass from Logic Based Marketing and I went on a mission to figure out what is really going on under the hood with Google and I discovered something amazing, Google’s new RainBrain AI.

RankBrain is a dream come true for content marketers who are committed to making amazing detailed content. In fact, rather than SEO and blogging being dead it is one of the best times ever for content marketing and it’s all thanks to RankBrain.

I documented the nitty-gritty details of RankBrain Here and created this infographic that sums it up very nicely for the lovely audience of Unleash The Wealth Within’s viewing pleasure.

The secret I discovered in compiling this information and stripping out the techie talk is one thing that
will make every content marketer smile.

SEO isn’t dead… but tricks for gaming the system ARE dying off and instead they are being replaced by a system that will help get the BEST content to the FRONT of Google and with this infographic that content can be YOUR CONTENT.

RankBrain The Non Techie Guide For Content Marketers Infographic


Does SEO That Works by Brian Dean Actually work?


I am no stranger to Seach Engine Optimization.  Following industry experts since 1997, from the advent of Eric Ward, the father of SEO who contributed to SEO for Jeff Bezo’s to testing and using every conceivable software including Majestic, Moz, Ahref, Serpwoo, not to forget blackhat tools like SEONuke.Continue reading

Posting 29 Articles on High Authority Sites with Links for $49

How Good are These Domains? Really!

How Good Are These Domains? Really!

Firstly, I started with a list of 51 High Domain Authority sites. These sites were powered by user-generated content – community-driven with minimal or no moderation.

I needed to recruit a Virtual Assistant (VA) to do the following tasks:

  1. Create an email account
  2. Sign up to each of these sites
  3. Create a profile with a picture, bio and description
  4. Write and post articles
  5. List the successful postings in an excel spreadsheet

Continue reading

How Ordinary Content Achieves Amazing Results in Google – The Power of Link Building

The basis of The SEO That Works course is to build content which attracts links from other sites. Although the basic premise is to build content that is amazing and worthy of links, sometimes known as link bait, it is not necessary to have an awesome piece of content in order to achieve links and ultimately gain phenomenal success in ranking for multiple keywords. Here is an example of an Amazon affiliate website ranking for multiple keywords.Continue reading

Case Study: Bond Car Power Page Gets 64K Likes and 577 Referring Domains

The marketing company that created the Microsite Power Page James Bond 007 Cars Evolution by Evanshaw pitched me to get one created too. When they told me that I would have to get a contract at the cost of £10,000 a month, I politely declined.

The design is very impressive – it has transitioned from an infographic into an interactive microsite.

What is probably most pleasing about the Power Page is its capturing of the Bond signature ‘through the scope’ effect which appears at the beginning of each movie. It reminds me of the one where Bond takes a shot and the blood drips down the camera.Continue reading