Case Study: Bond Car Power Page Gets 64K Likes and 577 Referring Domains

The marketing company that created the Microsite Power Page James Bond 007 Cars Evolution by Evanshaw pitched me to get one created too. When they told me that I would have to get a contract at the cost of £10,000 a month, I politely declined.

The design is very impressive – it has transitioned from an infographic into an interactive microsite.

What is probably most pleasing about the Power Page is its capturing of the Bond signature ‘through the scope’ effect which appears at the beginning of each movie. It reminds me of the one where Bond takes a shot and the blood drips down the camera.

Furthermore, the design maintains a retro look throughout, in order to ensure you are captured by the moment.

What could have been an exceptionally good infographic based on historical data actually turned out to be a piece of creative art!


Let’s look at how this interactive Microsite Power Page has affected its search positioning.

The Evanshaw website, according to, released this content in November 2012:

Web Archive

Web Archive

Around that period, the website was fluctuating consistently on a flat-line.


Around the time of the release of the interactive Microsite PowerPage, there is a climb in the number of visitors. Is the influence coming from this page?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to make an accurate assertion, mainly due to a Panda Update in December 2012. This update saw plenty of websites losing traffic due to duplication; however, many websites saw an uplift instead.


At that time, its ranking positions for competitive keywords were still impressive.


According to MajesticSEO, Evanshaw has 1,788 referring domains. 577 of those domains point to the interactive Microsite Power Page. It has a Page Authority of 57 and Domain Authority of 49.


Referring Domains to Evanshaw


Referring Domains to Evanshaw Bond Car Page

MajesticSEO also brought to light the fact that there are more of these interactive pages.


This one has 196 referring domains, increasing the number of referring domains from this type of content from 577 to 773.

The Bond page does not use any anchor texts whatsoever – just a backlink to the homepage using the owners name Evans Halshaw.

The site also does not attempt to rank itself for any related keywords to the ‘business’ at hand. In fact, most of the keywords that it lists for are James Bond related.

Bond Page Keywords Ranking

Bond Page Keywords Ranking

We can see that there is an exponential growth after the release of the piece.

Evanshaw Post Nov' 2012

Evanshaw Post Nov’ 2012

Look at the keyword ranking report for March 2015.


Keyword Ranking March 2015


There are a lot of keywords that still reside on the second page of Google.

For me, this is a strong indication that Evanshaw is not engaging in traditional SEO link-building. I can correlate this thinking with the anchor text cloud provided in Ahref data. The data shows little targeting of specific keywords in a traditional SEO link-building campaign.

Anchor Cloud

Anchor Cloud

So, what affected the influence of the website in order to achieve such growth and ranking for highly competitive keywords? (They are in position #5 in the UK for ‘Car Finance‘.)

My instinct tells me that the Bond interactive Microsite Power Page played a role in this. However, due to the release of various Google Algorithm updates which apparently favour brands which build quality backlinks from high authority sites, it was able to grow even more.

We have seen it before, and now that Google has taken such a firm stance against traditional SEO methods, the quality of the sites that link back to you does actually matter. Evanshaw does not have a shortage of quality links.

Referring Domains to Bond Piece

Referring Domains to Bond Piece

The piece is referred to in Top Gear as the best James Bond infographic ever, and the blog post has a Page Authority of 40 and and a Domain Authority of 81.

Since the site was designed in HTML5 and used update CSS styling, popular design websites like SmashingMagazineLine25 and Hongkiat picked it up. These sites would not have picked up the piece due to its content, but because of its design. The lesson here is that creating an amazing content piece is no doubt the way to go, but sprinkling it with creative flair will make it go further.

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