115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media

The influence that social media websites have on all aspects of human life cannot be stressed enough. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are used by billions of people across the globe. As such, they have the power to shape people’s opinions and attitudes on virtually any topic. The effects of social media  on human behavior  can take multiple forms and their consequences are not to be underestimated. In this day and age the amount of people using social media website is higher than ever before.

Facebook is among the top most popular social media websites in the world and leads the way with 1.59 billion users. Facebook also has the highest market cap of the top three leading social media platforms with $312.78 billion. The photo and video sharing platform Instagram has 400 million users and Twitter is used by 320 million people. The professional social network LinkedIn and bookmarking site Pinterest have around 100 million users each.

When it comes to social media and age groups, teenagers and young adults are the heaviest users of social media. The data collected reported that 92% of adolescents  go online every day and 60% of them have shared pictures of themselves on at least one  popular social media networks.  The majority of teenagers are active on more than one social media website with 71% of teenagers maintaining their presence on several social media networks.

To find out more about the widespread social media phenomenon take a look at the infographic below to find out 115 surprising social media facts and statistics.

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