10 Amazing Pinterest Tools To Boost Up Your Business

Social sharing is much easier than what it used to be. Here you don’t need to carry your product or brochure door to door for the sake of publicity.

A link is enough to get your job done. Sharing on social media spread like wildfires. Viral videos, tweets, and pins are shared faster and more effectively.

Sharing networks also allows others to find out what taste the sender has. So once you are successful with your one sharing, chances are high that your followers will keep their eyes on you to see your next share.

Perchance it could be your major weapon to boost up your business.

Why Pinterest?

Although Pinterest is in the 4th position amongst social networking sites, Pinterest’s average orders exceed every social networking site.

Top 10 Most Popular Social Networks 2013 shows that Facebook is getting 750M visits per month while Pinterest gets only 85.5M. But on an average, holiday shoppers referred from Pinterest on Black Friday spent 77 percent more per order than shoppers referred from Facebook.

During this Black Friday (November 29, 2013), Facebook users average order value was $52.30 compared to $92.51 from Pinterest users. So Pinterest has the actual potential to boost up your sales.

Pinterest Helps you in Capturing Share

As the sales potential here is high, more than 60% of major brands already have Pinterest accounts.  These brands are taking the full advantage of Pinterest to capture more market share.

Small businesses should also include Pinterest in their marketing strategy to capture more shares. In marketing, there are three types of share. You can boost up every type of share using Pinterest. Here we will discuss the effect of Pinterest on each type of share.

The three major types of Share are-

1.     Share of market

2.     Share of Mind and

3.     Share of Heart

Now, Share of market is the competitors’ share of the target market. As your sales go up, your share of the market will increase gradually. So to increase the share of the market, you need to boost up your sales. Pinterest does that. Here is how to calculate your Market Share –

I have already discussed above how Pinterest’s average order exceeds other social networking sites.

This way one can boost up his sales using Pinterest and capture more market share. But this is a long-term process. Increasing Mind Share and Heart share is easier than that of Market share. If you can increase these two shares, Share of Market will automatically increase.

Share of Mind is the first name which comes to mind when a customer is made aware of an unprompted question about a category.  For instance, if you are asked to name a retail shop, you may answer “Wal-Mart.” This would mean it has your mind share.

According to Developer Economics Report, the mind share of different operators in 2013 are:

The more you share your brand name or your products in Pinterest, the more mindshare you will be able to capture. Mindshare is nothing but the “Brand” one sees the most. So you can easily increase mind share by pinning and re-pining your product.

Share of Heart is what you are going to buy. Heart share is calculated by the percentage of consumers who identified the competitor when responding to a question –“name a company from whom you would prefer to buy a product”.

For instance, you named Wal-Mart when you are asked to name a brand but you are buying from Target. So Target has your Heart share. By pinning and re-pining your product regularly, you can easily capture more share of Heart.

Well, you cannot increase any of these shares by using Pinterest alone. You have to know when to make which move in order to get the best out of Pinterest. The top 10 Pinterest tool will help you in making the right move.

Enough of chit-chat. Now it’s time to reveal Top 10 Pinterest tools to boost up your business.

Let’s get started!

List of 10 Pinterest Tools To Boost Up Your Business

After getting started on Pinterest, it is better you proceed step by step to ensure increasing business growth. Pinterest is all about pictures. So first of all you have to ensure you share pictures that allure Pinners. And then you have to build up a community for the growth of your business followed by Analyzing and Tracking the results.

We will discuss the top 10 Pinterest Tools under these three steps.

Tools To Create Images For Pinterest

#1. PicMonkey

For every type of business, images are the key element in Pinterest. Here Images talk, your product does not! So it is extremely important to pin high-quality pictures that attract Pinners. Sharing simple product shots is old fashioned. You have to think beyond this. Using PicMonkey, you can create bright images with brilliant quotes, touch up your photos, and overlay pictures with texts and what not!

PicMonkey is a free image editing website, so you don’t need to spend bucks on hiring professional editors and designers.

You can do the basic things for free here, which is adequate for your business purpose. But if you want something advanced, you have to pay $4.99 a month which gives you more features.

#2. ShareAsImage (Formerly Pin A Quote)

Share As Image is best for creating picture quotes on the fly from any web page, even your own.  Image quotes have turned into a new fetish across social networks. Using the tool Share As Image you can post quotes easily to Pinterest. You have to visit its website first and grab its bookmarklet. This is called “Pin A Quote.”

After placing this button to your browser’s bookmark bar, you can pin any quote from any website just by highlighting the lines you want and then clicking on the “Pin A Quote” button. After this, you can straight pin the quote on Pinterest.

Free version is available, but this version is very basic. So if you want a change, you can upgrade for a cost of $6.99.

Tools For Building Pinterest Community

#3. PinAlerts

Pin Alert is an excellent Pinterest tool that lets you know immediately if someone has pinned something from your website. This tool sends you an email right after someone pins anything directly from your website. Pinterest emails you only when someone Repins your pin. So this tool will help you to know people’s attitude towards your product. People pin something from a website when they have an interest on that thing or when they find that useful. So this is going to work something like customer survey. The more people find your product attractive, the more they pin it. So using this tool will let you know the market demand and will help you to talk with the prospective customers.

#4. Pinwoot

To make your marketing campaign successful through Pinterest, it is extremely important to set up a large Pinterest community. But this task is not as easy as it sounds. This is an amazing tool which offers real Pinterest follower for free in exchange for “Seeds”.

Now, how to collect “Seeds”? Well, collecting seeds is pretty simple. All you need to do is follow people. The more people you follow, the more seeds you get. And then you can have your own follower by giving away those seeds to Pinwoot.

You may find other similar tools but this one is of high quality and is loaded with highly interactive users.

Some people struggle a lot for building up Pinterest Community. This tool is a real gem for them to give a good kick start. I suggest collecting first 100 or 150 followers using this tool. It is better to increase the later followers with your own effort. Because it will give you a long run healthy return.

#5. FollowersOnPinterest

Followers on Pinterest is an amazing smart phone app. By using this you can track new followers, follow and unfollow users and what not. You can also discover new people using this tool. This costs only £0.69.

This app is really interesting as this alerts you who are not following you in return. This also lets you know who have unfollowed you and lets you tract them ever after!

#6. Woobox Pinterest Facebook Tab

This tool is one of the most effective ways to increase your followers. By tapping your existing community,

If you already have a Facebook fan page, it is obvious that you have a pretty good number of fans over there. As those Facebook users enlisted themselves as your fans, chances are high that they will follow you on your Pinterest too.

Pinterest no allows you to connect your Facebook Profile with it. But it does not allow you to connect it with your Facebook Business Page. What to do then? Well, the solution is pretty easy- just install a Pinterest tab for your Facebook fan page.  It takes only a few seconds and requires no technical skills at all. This tool allows you Facebook Fans to directly watch your Pinterest boards from your Fan Page.

#7. Pinvolve

Pinvolve bridges Facebook and Pinterest. Pinvolve is a skilful app that synchs Facebook with Pinterest.

This tool allows you to create a separate tab on your Facebook fan page. Pinvolve converts your content in Pinterest like format and connects facebook likes and comments linked to that post.

This tool comes with three plans. A forever free plan with limited interaction between Facebook and Pinterest, a Pro version for $5 and an unlimited synch bundle package for $25 a month which allows synching up to 10 Facebook fan pages.

#8. PinBooster

Pinbooster is an amazing tools for those who are using Pinterest for the sake of advertisement and publicity. It compensates popular pinners to endorse your business over there. Those pinners share your pins and promote your hashtags and events to their followers. Thus it helps you to increase your follower base which is crucial for viral marketing. Even if you are a great pinner yourself, PinBooster is essential for you. Because you can get paid to pin if you sign up in PinBooster.

Analyzing & Tracking Tools

#9. PinReach

This tool is amazing for you to understand where you stand on Pinterest. Pinning attractive images and building strong community will not help you get the most out of Pinterest. You have to understand your position as well as your Pinterest Score. PinReach helps you calculate your Pinterest Score which shows how well you have been doing over there.

This is amazing for tracking daily trending members and trending pins. This boosts up your marketing by ensuring repins, comments and by increasing your followers for every board.

#10. Piqora (formerly Pinfluencer)

According to the founder of Piqora, it is the complete marketing suite for the visual web. This tool has really impressive central marketing and analytics dashboard for three leading visual networks- Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

This tool allows business to track competitions, promotions on Pinterest. This tool is actually a plethora of advantages. This also helps in managing contents, scheduling pins and so on.

This tool is an amazing social CRM tool. It helps businesses track its customers; manage customer relationship through social conversation and customer reaction.

#11.  Design Wizard

“Design Wizard is the ultimate design tool for social media marketers and business owners. You will be able to create high-quality images quickly with this easy-to-use graphic design tool. As images are a huge part of Pinterest, this tool will allow you to make excellent content for Pinterest quickly.

Standout features of the tool include a custom color palette, free font library and resize feature. There are also excellent integrations with Hubspot, Marketo, Buffer and Intercom.

You can get started on the free plan, with paid plans starting at $9.99 a month. There is also a business plan available for $49.99 a month which gives you access to animated text templates, priority customer support and an account manager”.

Final Words

Well, these 10 tools can of course boost up your business if used properly. But there are other tools as well. My suggestion is, don’t use too many tools together. It will make your Pinterest management more complicated. Explore each of these tools and select 1 from each category. Using few tools at a time will make you accustomed to these tools. Once you learn to run the tools properly, no one can stop you from flourishing your business via Pinterest.

Trust me!

About the Author Azzam

As a Digital Marketeer and Entrepreneur, I have been fortunate to have learnt from some of the best of the best. That is what I believe is critical to ensuring anyone’s success. Take what has worked for successful people and make owning it, knowledge first and then applying what you learn by taking action. Persevering on that path will bring about sure success, simple but effective formula.