Shocking: How Quickly Traffic Monsoon’s Money Pool Will Dry Up and Leave You Hanging to Dry. Warning! Do not Invest Until You Have Read This.

losing money with Traffic Monsoon

As a Digital Marketing Manager for a National brand, I am responsible for £100,000’s per month on individual paid advertising campaigns, generating £Millions in sales and revenue every month.

When it comes to advertising online, whether it is Google Adwords (PPC), Banner advertising, retargeting, Facebook marketing or SEO, etc, I can confidently say that I am qualified to answer the following question.

Is Traffic Monsoon a scam? 

Firstly, let me give you a story to shed some light on how these money-making schemes work.

A man buys a horse from a farmer for $1,000. He pays half as a deposit, and when he goes to pick up the horse, the farmer informs him that it’s dead. The man asks for a refund, but the farmer advised that he already spent it. The man takes possession of the dead horse and leaves angrily.

A month later, the farmer runs into the man at the bank and notices he’s depositing nearly $5,000 in cash. The farmer asks where he got it and the man says “Well, after you ripped me off, I started selling raffle tickets for a horse. I sold a 1,000 at $5 each.”

The farmer says, “Well wasn’t the guy pissed off to find out the horse he won was dead?”

The man smiles and says “yup, so I gave him his $5 back”

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Now, back to traffic Monsoon. 

Traffic Monsoon claims to deliver quality traffic through advertising on popular sites where your ads are placed.

When you buy advertising on the internet, you buy because you want people to click the advertisement, land on your website and take some kind of action, right? So now I will explain how advertising online works.

The highest and the lowest form of Advertising online

The best ad’s to buy on the internet are Google adwords or any other PPC (Pay Per Click) model. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Seth Godin coined it as ‘permission marketing’ because the visitor is looking for something specific and grants permission to see related results, even if that result is an advert.

PPC can be very expensive, depending on the market the advertiser is in, they could pay up to £50 a click, now that’s just a click from Google to your website, before the visitor even takes any other action.

Why so expensive and who would pay so much?

When a person searches on Google they have a specific intent in mind.

Let’s say someone types in ‘buy tyres for Audi A4’.

Google displays how many people have searched for this term every month, the estimated cost for a click to a website for that search term, the estimate costs is based on a bidding auction.

Think of it like ebay when selling something everyone wants, the more people that up the bid, the more you can earn from the sale.

You can imagine how beneficial it is for a tyre company to have this person come to a web page looking for tyres that is actually created with Audi A4 owners in mind.

If the price is right, the likelihood of that person buying compared to someone searching for ‘tyre information’ increases 100x.

Likewise, there are 10,000s targeted keywords that can make a company £millions every year in sales.

If a company can spend £1 on Google ads and generate £3 in sales, whilst after all costs the profit is £0.30p, you would consider that to be a successful model.

Let’s move onto the lowest common denominator – Banner ads. 

Banner ads were massive in the 90s and early 2000s.

Banner Ads Example

Banner Ads Example

You can buy ‘impressions’ so every time a webpage loads the advertisers ad loads with it, this is counted as an ‘impression’.

I could buy 1,000 impressions for £10. This does not mean the impression is for every new visitor, it could be the same visitor roaming around 1,000 pages on a website (not that anyone would do this, but you get my point).

Banner advertising is not as popular anymore. It has been overtaken by more targeted advertising like Google Ads, but it does still exist, and can be effective and profitable if it replicates the same model as PPC.

If I visit a web page that talks about the ‘Dyson hoover’ and the entire website talks only about hoovers, then putting a banner ad on that website about ‘hoovers’ makes sense.

If the website owner is not familiar with the costs advertisers pay on PPC for targeted traffic, then an opportunity could be exploited.

Let’s assume I am a Digital Agency that buys and sells advertising.  

There are billions of websites out there. Someone has to approach each of these sites and verify if they accept ads.

This is simply too much of an exercise for anyone company to do (unless you are Google).

So big Ad Exchange Networks were created; spending billions of Dollars recruiting and validating websites that accept ads and negotiating rates.

Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange

Google is one of those Ad Exchanges and the feature they offer to websites is called ‘Adsense’. Adsense is a clever integration.

Google talks with advertisers who spend on PPC and offers them traffic via the ‘Google Display Network’, but at a significantly lower cost.

Google uses its tools to automate the process of understanding what a website and its pages are all about and attempts to display related ads, since it does not control pages, content could vary drastically making it difficult to match the right ad.

Furthermore, Google does not know the intent of the person visiting the page (they may not have reached the website from a Google search), combining all of these factors Google sells ads on the ‘Display Network’ much cheaper than Adwords and share a fraction of that with the website owner.

Look at this way,  There are 147 Companies That Control Everything. The diagram below gives you an idea.

companies that rule the world

Companies that rule the world

Why do I mention this?  Read the point I make below about Traffic Monsoon selling ads to advertisers at a rate of 10x to 100x of what they paid for them.

Ad agencies can buy ads from these Ad Exchanges in bulk cheaper and resell on to smaller agencies, these small agencies do all the leg work contacting advertisers to buy.

Here is the math’s. 

An Ad Network buys 1,000 impressions for £1, selling to ad agencies for £2. Ad agencies go on to sell to smaller resellers for £3 and they in return sell to the advertiser for £5.

If you approach the website directly, they do not sell advertising to you, they redirect you to the Ad Exchange Network who in return will sell to you at £6 – £10.

It make sense for the Ad Exchanges to sell higher than the resellers without undercutting them, after all they do all the leg work in selling the ads.


For argument sake let’s say Traffic Monsoon is any one of these in the chain, they still have to sell the ads to someone else in the chain, either the agencies, resellers or directly to the advertiser.

Selling directly to the advertiser would be the most profitable, but someone has to find an advertiser that will pay the £10.

How difficult is this to do? It is extremely difficult.

For one, Ad Exchanges already exist and the businesses that collectively built them work closely together.

For Traffic Monsoon to create an Ad Exchange would cost millions (not going for billions, as they could target a few websites to advertise on only), assigning dedicated departments responsible for targeting businesses to buy ads along with all the additional departments to support these ones i.e. technical, accounts, legal, etc.

Don’t forget computers, phones, employees, servers, advertising, marketing, etc.

Most importantly they claim to share an insane amount of profits with you!

It’s simply not feasible.

For one it is a numbers game, with marginal returns, I am talking £0.03p profit per 1,000 impressions once you take away all your costs.

If you are able to sell millions of impressions daily it all adds up, but not until you start selling millions of impressions can you start seeing profits.

Look at this scenario.

I work for a national brand, an agency or a reseller gets on the phone to call me, this person must be paid a wage and potentially earns commission on the sale, they report to a Manager, their company has a HR team, a Director, computer, phone, etc.

This all has to be paid for.

How much do you think she is expected to sell in advertising space?  It is usually in the 4 figures a month.

In most situations they will either arrange a webex call (online screen demo) or physically come to our offices, you know it costs about £250 for a return ticket from London to Manchester?

Needless to say after 3 to 4 phone calls, a webex demo and a visit from London we could turn them down for the service. 

Sorry, not for us!

Sorry, not for us!

Now multiple that by 10, 15 or 20 pitches a month, coupled with advertising, marketing, conferences, etc.

How much do you think all this costs?  Add that onto all the business overheads i.e. Wages, rent, equipment, etc.

How much does this company have to make before it can start seeing any profit let alone pay you?

Now, the first question you ask when you intend to invest in Traffic Monsoon is ‘who is buying the ads?’

There is a Whatsapp message circulating with claims of making over $400 in 4 days, is this too good to be true? According to what I have laid out above, too right!

If Traffic Monsoon buys ads for £10, miraculously sells it for £100, pays out all of their costs, takes a little for themselves (no one does anything for free} and pays you handsomely, then great; happy days for everyone.

But this does not happen in the real world.

Let’s say for argument sake, this is the claim. Tell them to show you the businesses that are buying the advertisements, accompanied with a quote from the Marketing Director stating how happy he is with Traffic Monsoon’s delivery of services and the amazing return on investment they have achieved.

Traffic Monsoon cannot generate these returns (for you) without selling ads 10x to 1,000x the price bought, above the industry standard pricing.  Their sale people could either sell snow to Eskimos or sand to the Arabs, alternatively the ad buyers are complete suckers.

As I explained about the 147 companies owning all other leading brands, there are a handful of Ad Exchange Networks that target websites to integrate ads.

These Exchanges have rates the others buy and sell at. If Traffic Monsoon was a similar player, how can they possibly sell at a rate that’s significantly higher than the competition?

With a quick search online an advertiser can benchmark the asking price, the only difference then will be the quality of service if a competing reseller is slightly more expensive.

The Rise and Fall of Banners Brokers.

Last year we had Banners Brokers.

Rise and Fall of Banners Broker

Rise and Fall of Banners Brokers

Unfortunately after declining a scholar who was pitching it, telling him that I had no interest and explaining exactly why this was a scam, he took me to another scholar to sell it on??

I was cringing throughout his presentation; he then decided to ask me what I now thought (kill two birds with one stone).

I had no choice but to ‘tell it as it was’.  Fortunately he is a good, polite individual, took it on the chin and we dispersed amicably, but without a sale.

So why are upstanding members of the community promoting these schemes and also claim to be making money?

It is a classic bait and hook technique. The crooks of Traffic Monsoon rely on people’s basic human tendencies.

– We would all love to make money with minimal effort.

– Quick fast returns again with minimal effort.

– We all look towards the ‘other’ trustingly when it comes to areas unknown to us, even more so in a tech niche.

If it is an upstanding member of the community, considered to be an authority then we take their word as Gospel.  Surely, the scholar or community leader would not be pulling the wool over our eyes?

The money pool.

All these people that are making money currently are all part of what I call the ‘money pool’, but look at it more like a funnel.

Money Funnel

Money Funnel

Like all money pools, they eventually dry up.

Everyone who makes money with Traffic Monsoon makes money from some else funneling money into the pool, at the top.

Think of a bank. A bank loans out money from people’s savings to those people who want it. If everyone who deposited money into their savings requested a withdrawal at the same time, the bank would not have the money to hand back, since most of it is loaned out.

It relies on people to leave their money in the bank, entices them to keep money in longer with a return of 2 to 6% in the form of interest, whilst at the same time lending out money, charging people 3% (mortgages) to 15% (personal loans), keeping itself profitable.

Traffic Monsoon plays a dangerous game.

As long as there are sufficient enough people adding to the pool, with sufficient enough people not withdrawing, then the money starts to stack up, like a saving account.

However this can only be achieved through signing up to their ‘revenue sharing traffic exchange site’ in other words, you (and all the other investors they convince to sign up) pay for one another’s revenue instead of the capital being invested into quality traffic or selling advertising on popular websites.

Eventually the number of people putting money into the pool slows down and finally dries up. This will trigger an alert and Traffic Monsoon realises the end is nigh.

Suddenly, you are hit with technical glitches in the system, messages of delayed payments, etc. the delays increase and you are scrabbling to the person who signed you for an explanation, but they are as clueless as you.

Eventually a representative on behalf of everyone else will talk to the Managing Director, he will claim to have the same issues as you.

Later on he will send out a Press Release stating that due to similar frustrations he has lost a lot of money and is now standing down, but forgetting to mention the fat commission he has generated and stored in a tax haven off shore.

Some people buying into Traffic Monsoon are smart and show restraint, they can make $10,000 to $20,000 or even more in the earliest days and pull out before it all goes belly up, but very few people have that level of restrained; like a gambler or an addict wanting to get that one more hit.

Me personally I feel sorry for the Sisters, Mothers and Grandmothers who are convinced by a friend or relative to put in that £500 or £1,000 from their life savings, never to see it again.

You times that by 10,000 people and Traffic Monsoon has a cool £10,000,000.

But don’t forget all the pocket change of £50, £100, 250, etc that also goes in, or even the heavy players who invest £10,000 after seeing those incremental returns, raking up Traffic Monsoons big pay day to £100,000,000+

Fortunately for Traffic Monsoon there are plenty who say, ‘I will try it and if I lose out on a few hundred pounds at the end, so be it’.  If I got a £1 for everyone who said this to me, I would have also got a massive pay day.

“A fool and his money are soon parted”. – Thomas Tusser

[feature_box style=”13″ title=”Is%20Traffic%20Monsoon%20considered%20permissible%20(halal)%20for%20Muslims%3F” alignment=”center”]

Since a lot of Muslims are asking this question and steered towards Traffic monsoon, I have provided an answer from a Senior UK Scholar, Mufti (a title for a jurist) Shabbir, Blackburn.

Mufti Shabbir has  reviewed the terms and conditions of the Traffic Monsoon scheme and can confirm that they do not comply with Islamic principles. For example, the Terms section on the website states, “If your account should go to inactive status (90 days with no logins), TrafficMonsoon will consider the account abandoned and will close it. All funds in the account will be forfeited and the balance zeroed. If you reopen this account the balance that was forfeited will not be credited back.” ( This term clearly contravenes Islamic principles. As such, it is not permissible to participate in this scheme.


Some are arguing, ‘well… as long as I am active for 90 days, then this does not apply to me’,  This is incorrect.  The contract is valid according to Islamic Law (shariah) based on the terms and conditions stated and not what you may or may not do.

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About the Author Azzam

As a Digital Marketeer and Entrepreneur, I have been fortunate to have learnt from some of the best of the best. That is what I believe is critical to ensuring anyone’s success. Take what has worked for successful people and make owning it, knowledge first and then applying what you learn by taking action. Persevering on that path will bring about sure success, simple but effective formula.

  • ian waterfield

    the comments Seems to have the same smack as the previous business i was in called BannersBroker. Keep me informed as more info emerges please. Do you know if BB was a ponze or a proper business ? I ask if there are any comparisons to T-M ? Your info submitted is quite scary .

    • Azzam

      As a rule you should always consider the following.

      A multi level marketing system that does not require or encourage the recruitment of others and relies solely on product distribution is a sound one.

  • I looked at Traffic Monsoon and also My Advertising Pays (MAPS) and this confirms exactly what I was thinking when I saw the videos. The margins are so squeezed and there is so many ways to advertise I would advise to avoid these.

    • Azzam

      Good for you

    • wayne

      The 2 scams are the same (wont call them businesses has they are not!), you will lose all your money!

  • m d hussain

    I don’t know what your on about mate to be honest. I joined traffic monsoon about 3 months ago and I’ve made over $13000. Obviously not all of it is profit but a large chunk is and I still have over $25000 worth of love ad packs in the system always on the increase. Before you spent a large amount of time creating this you should actually came in and given it a try and seen for yourself whether it actually works. One of most credible reason for getting involved with traffic monsoon is that 95% of the companies revenue is from customers and ONLY 5% of those involved in traffic are actually profit sharing to make money. I’ve put a link on here as well check it out if you want to know the truth about tm and email me if you want more information

    • Azzam

      If you happy to put that money in escrow, safe and secure. I will put the money into Traffic Monsoon, if it is successful we share the profits; if it is a loss then I take the money from the escrow to cover my costs.

      If you are happy with those terms I will get my lawyer to draft up the paperwork. From what you have said, it is a no-brainer and there is little risk and you will get 50% profit from my investment.


    • I was looking at this as a way to promote my business on the web and get more hits, after someone I met 8 years ago contacted me out of the blue. Hence I was a little suspicious as they could not say where the money came from. I looked like it could only come from the people who invest in it.
      I am pleased I read this post as I don’t want to tarnish my own business with an association with this one.

      Someone else posting here said it was wrong to use the word investing but alas this is what people do. They see it as a better way of getting more from the money by putting it here instead of the bank.

      I am fortunate to have something that pays out every month and has clarity as to where the profit come from ie Sporting Arbitrage. People can still be sceptical but in the end there is no bigging it up and hard sell. If I share information with someone who has asked, then they can invest and benefit from 2% tax free every month without having to do anything else.

      • Azzam

        Exactly Sandra.
        Transparency and clarity are paramount when asking for people’s money whether to invest or buy/sell.
        A sound business model is realistic in its return which is in-line with current market trends, offering returns that exceed expectations has to be treated as risky or even too good to be true.

        • Sandra

          When I share information about what I do I go direct to my account show them all my back office and the money I am making and where it is coming from.
          I even know where the people live who manage the company admin!
          I sleep well these days and have a clear conscience in terms of introducing others to what I do.
          Keep up the good work Azzam.

          • Azzam

            Thanks, Sandra.

            I will try 🙂

    • Alizeea

      Dream on! Do you have any idea how many companies would have to buy ads for your $25000 or how many new members need to join in? I quess not!
      First, everyone joining in expects to increase their profit,so the amount of money owed by the company increases.
      Secondly, Trafficmonsoon creates traffic on its own website using the pay per click method, but those ads are displayed basically to its own members which, of course, are interested in making money and not spending money buying things they see on ads.
      Eventually, all the companies which have payed money to trafficmonsoon will come to realize that even if they’ve got visitors no one is buying, so they’ll stop paying.

      Some people can make money, but only few, the top ones!

  • Iqbal

    I was outside waiting for traffic monson seminar to be start but i got some time i ve read ur very well explaned article.

    And i would say God Bless you , i m not going in rather will work hard and keep my kids happy.

    Thanks again

    • Azzam

      Smart move. Keep learning and investing in your knowledge and expertise, something will make itself apparent with the ‘hard work’ committed to learning and applying.

      It is a universal truth. That is not to say you become a slave to the system as some suggest, but find the right investment

  • Sandra

    I think the point Azzam is making, and with clarity, is that the money being made is not sustainable.
    I have discovered through working the site as a free member yesterday that all the adverts seem to be Members websites as well as those linked to traffic monsoon itself. I am not going to attract the people who understand my 2 businesses from this closed network.
    I have already decided its not for me, so I purely urge caution woth those that do!

    • Raz

      This wreaks of banners brokers and a network which was launched by the same crooks. The 2nd desperate attempt to con the public was called the golden path. very similar concept with internalized ads.

  • Mohammed Aleem Quraishi

    Excellent .. Article and a lot of people been hood winked and did my research as yourself n 1 to 1 with The Banana’s from TM and left them with their mouth shut and put up their photos on social media to expose their scam n btw its HARAM N NOT SHARIA COMPLIANT ..

    All the best … Well Done

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    Yes!Finally someone writes about mưu sinh với giao dịch Forex.

  • Well this has to be the best, most informative and in some ways, the most entertaining thing I’ve read all day.
    I have just had Traffic Monsoon heavily pitched to me today by a friend, who told me “…don’t listen to all the negative comments about it online, read the reviews from the people who have actually made money from it…” (suspicious in the first place, I know)
    He then launched into an evangelical rant about how he was going to have a £50,000 sports car by December, after only having been doing it for a month.

    Now, having previously experienced “direct sales” jobs to my cost in the past, (can you say “90s timeshare”, hallelujah!) I thought I’d do some balanced research.

    You seem reasoned and sane, with no axe to grind.
    They seem brainwashed, fanatical and self-obsessed.

    You win.
    Thank you.

  • salman

    Excellent article Azzam. As you said, the attraction is that some people are actually making money and that does make you think. However if you look at the business model, I don’t see the how it works selling overpriced products to actually no one and still make loads of money and then share it as well.

    Funny enough all new member sound the same, seem very positive, dream a lot about cars and money and becoming a millionaire very soon.

    I was never going to invest anyway but wanted to warn my friends and family who are going insane over TMS.

    Well done again

  • lusekelo

    The strange thing about Traffic moonsoon is that many advertisers are sending their traffic to trafficmoonsoon i really don’t get this,i tried their service and i found out their traffic is very low quality and it is difficult for a normal guy to make it with TMS,you get $5 in almost 55 days,i will better invest my money in ppc by the way very nice article it made my decision not to continue with TMS very easy,kudos Azzam

  • Lorraine

    Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising pays are ponzi schemes, run by professional con men, who who know how to scam people. So where does the money come from, referrals, new people pumping money into the illegal companies. The advertising part is a smoke screen and the ads are closed loop, whereby only members ee them (nobody outside the company) which is useless, as advertising needs to be targeted to a niche market

  • FINALLY !!! someone that sees Traffic Monsoon as what it really is , namely a Scam !!!

    Charles Scoville is a SERIAL SCAMMER !!!!!

  • Mike

    Well, a friend of mine told me last night that he has “invested” £2,500 in this. As he talked about it I was nervous for him. He told me he had seen somebody’s paypal account at a seminar and that convinced him it’d make money.

    So, is it possible for him to extract himself from this and get his money back?

    How can I tell him he’s been an ass with making him feel like one?

    • Jay

      Mike, unfortunately once the ad packs have been bought, the “investment” cannot be got back as quickly. All you can do is try and convince him to not purchase any more ad packs and let the ones he’s bought run out and withdraw the money back out.
      The thing about TM is that money can be made and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Those who joined last October when it began have made serious money, but the worry is how long the company can sustain for now.. I expect it to start to suffer this time next year and as long as those who have put money into it are smart and not greedy, they can see a return. It’s not going to make anyone a millionaire (apart from the guy who created it) but I know someone who’s currently withdrawing around $1000 a day. It’s probably too late to join now as the company will decline, which is why I never joined

  • ammar

    Traffic monsoon it creating issues now and charles is bound to answer.

  • Nick

    My sponsor in Banners Broker made some good money. I never managed to withdraw a penny. I am sorry for all my good friends I dragged into it who also lost money. The same was with “Hourly Revenue” the promise was huge but the problems became huge when payoff dried up.I am sure Traffic Monsoon will soon become Panic Monsoon when frantically and hopelessly members will try to withdraw their money.

  • Very Good article about TM! It’s very tough to predict TM’s future.

  • Nozrul Hussain

    Try out this tool to report inappropriate websites advertised on traffic monsoon

  • Kaltum

    12 minutes ago
    Traffic monsoon have taken my money and blocked me saying I have double accounts when it was a mistake as I had to change emails so now they’re saying I have two accounts. I got a reply from Blake and spoke to customer service and no one is telling me how I can get my money or the account unblocked. It is really frustrating and upsetting.

  • Kaltum

    12 minutes ago
    Traffic monsoon have taken my money and blocked me saying I have double accounts when it was a mistake as I had to change emails so now they’re saying I have two accounts. I got a reply from Blake and spoke to customer service and no one is telling me how I can get my money or the account unblocked. It is really frustrating and upsetting.

  • Online Marketer

    I predicted TM to have problems with payments in May as I calculated basing on my 6 years experience in marketing how much people they’d be able to take and average of their investments + “2nd wave” of those who are gonna invest aswell as predicted moments in which Charles will get their money graph on the highest point and what I did, I informed many people about my predictions, you know what they said? They asked from where I got those calculation and how could I know that? It’s hard to explain if everyone near you calls you “walking calculator” as I analyze, estimate and calculate things in mind. When I saw information that TM started to SCAM people in June I thought… hmmm where was the key I made mistake? In fact I didn’t make mistake. I forgot about GRANDPAS and GRANDMAS of someone and that avg of internet users age is rising. To the point. Why people didn’t listen to me? They knew I know this industry, I’m in it 6+ years! I’ll not tell reasons, because all is explained by Azzam very well, but just want to say people who read this comment: LISTEN TO THOSE WHO NEVER SCAMMED YOU OR ANYONE ELSE AND THOSE WHO KNOW INDUSTRY AND CHECK ALL “GREAT DEALS” AS MOST OF THEM WILL PULL THE MONEY OUT OF YOUR WALLET.